Block Paving


Block Paving Patterns

Brick pavers can be laid out in a variety of  block paving patterns to add visual interest and style to the surface you’re covering.

The Basket Weave

This is a classic brick-laying pattern that forms a series of squares, with two bricks forming each square. Two bricks are laid sideways, and the next two are laid with the center line facing straight up. Then, the next two are laid sideways, mirroring the first set. This is repeated for an entire row. Neighboring rows repeat the pattern.

Stretcher Pattern

Stretcher patterns are the brick-laying pattern we see most commonly. For laying this pattern in patios and pathways, the pavers can be laid out the long way or sideways. The direction of the pattern will have visual impact. For example, bricks laid the long way will make the space appear longer; laying them sideways will make it look wider.

Herringbone Pattern

You can lay out rectangular pavers in a 90° or 45° herringbone pattern. This is suggested for driveways because the herringbone pattern is difficult to shift and lends itself to load-bearing stresses created by cars sitting or braking on the driveway. If you have a large surface to cover, a 45-degree pattern from the house will make the area appear smaller, while a 90-degree pattern will make the surface area look bigger.

Circular Paver Pattern

Circle patterns can be used to create a circular patio or an arched, circular driveway. These patterns require the use of bricks shaped in wedge and arch patterns to form the curves.

Random Mix

Create a mixed pattern by choosing brick pavers of random different shades. Mix light-colored bricks with deep, earthen red to make an unexpected, creative-looking surface.

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