Concrete Driveway Installation

Laying pattern imprinted concrete for a concrete driveway installation can be affected by the weather but we will always keep you informed of any changes to start dates so that the job runs as smoothly as possible for you.

  • Company policy includes no radios and no bad language whilst on site to create a better environment for you and your family.
  • Unless pre-prepared for us we will usually ensure that the stone sub-base is machine compacted to + or – 10 mm to create a well prepared base for the concrete, to reduce the chance of cracking.
  • All house walls and adjacent structures are protected with a wall gel to prevent concrete splashes or colouring materials staining the brickwork.
  • Unless otherwise specified concrete is laid to a minimum 100 mm thickness, has a minimum 300 kilograms of cement per cubic metre, is fibre reinforced and has A. E. A (air entraining agent). This concrete specification ensures long term durability and resistance to freeze / thaw cycles.
  • All colour surface hardener products, release agents and sealers are supplied by PICS Limited, the market leader, for consistency and quality.
  • Colour surface hardener is applied generously to the concrete surface. One 25 kg bag covering a MAXIMUM of 8 m², rather than the industry ‘norm’ of one 25 kg bag per 10 m². Not only does this improve colour consistency, but very importantly this greatly improves the long term durability of the wearing surface of the paving in terms of abrasion resistance and resistance to freeze / thaw cycles. Often, extra colour surface hardener is used on high wear areas to further improve durability in terms of abrasion resistance.
  • Concrete footpaths and access routes to your property are kept open where possible and cleaned each day.
  • The nature of concrete is such that it is impossible for anyone to guarantee against cracking on domestic driveways or patios (or roads, car parks, airport runways, bridges, sea defences or any other structure. Interestingly though, concrete is still widely used due to its proven and time tested long term durability). However, in order to reduce the chance of random cracking, cuts are made in the concrete with a diamond saw blade, wherever possible, incorporating high stress areas such as corners. Corners can be further reinforced with steel where required. Also, once cut, we ensure that the individual ‘pieces’ will not exceed 20 m² in size to further reduce the chances of random cracking. An appropriately coloured silicone joint filler, which is complimentary and in keeping with the finished surface, is applied to all cuts. The filler reduces the chances of dirt building up and consequently any weeds growing out of the joints
  • Barrier tape is erected around the work area to prevent people accidently walking across and damaging the surface.
  • Release agent powder is washed off 24 to 72 hours after pouring the concrete to aid curing, in order to provide a more durable surface. Release agent wash is used to remove the release agent powder and uncover the true colour of the paving with the remaining antiquing effect, creating an aesthetically appealing appearance.
  • All paving is acid washed to clean it prior to sealing – this ensures the sealer bonds to the concrete to protect it and to leave an attractive surface for years to come. Both acid wash and sealer are applied to the surface (using the appropriate spray units and / or brooms) to ensure a more even application.
  • All affected areas around the work site including walls, windows, footpaths, including where necessary your neighbours, are thoroughly cleaned before we leave the site – so that you don’t have to!
  • Our Site Supervisors will make a courtesy visit within three months of completion unless deemed unnecessary.
  • As we are very proud of our work and to prevent our competitors using our work as their ‘show site’ we discreetly stamp our name on every drive or patio.
  • You will receive a recommendation fee every time you introduce a new customer to us which results in an order.
  • And finally, all construction work carried out by anyone, inherently has potential for something to go wrong and often a company’s integrity is measured by its reaction to problems. We promise to respond to any problem as it arises and deal with you in a fair and honest manner.

Pathwise Paving is a We Hire Limited Company
Company Number 09921879

Areas we cover

  • Bristol
  • Cheltenham
  • Gloucester
  • Bath
  • Stroud
  • Tewkesbury
  • Ross on Wye
  • Lydney

Areas we cover

  • Newport
  • Cardiff
  • Cwmbran
  • Monmouth
  • Swansea
  • Bridgend
  • Carmarthen
  • Llanelli
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